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Meet my family

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

As a wife, and mother of three, (with a fourth fur child) our lives are rooted in the future of New Hartford.

March 26, 2021

“It is a privilege to have the enthusiastic support of my husband and three children in this experience of running for Oneida County Legislator. My home team cheers me on every step of the way and they truly are my reason for it all. I want to represent the interests of fellow New Hartford families who plan to live and work here for years to come.” - Caroline Reale

Lets go way back!

Reale met her husband, a New Hartford Spartan native, while working at a local TV station in Utica. Her husband moved back to practice law, leaving his firm in Virginia, so he could be closer to family. (He didn't want to miss out on the family BOCCE league games or time with his nieces and nephew) Fast forward a decade Caroline and Jeff became parents to their "first born" dog, named George. They now have three children in second grade, kindergarten and a toddler. Having worked at television stations from Utica to Syracuse, Caroline has prioritized raising her family in recent years. Keeping their family roots in New Hartford means investing in community to build on New Hartford's reputation while making smart choices for the future.

Reale hopes to meet you out on the campaign trail this summer as she knocks on neighborhood doors. Most likely you'll find her with a mini- me staffer in tow!

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