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Hi, I'm Caroline



I’ve been a TV producer, a local news anchor, a tour guide, a restaurant worker, a marathon runner and a lifeguard but the most important job I’ve ever had is mom. Having three children is the reason my husband and I decided to raise our family in Oneida County, it’s a great place for family life. (Also my husband is a proud Spartan from the 90’s so that may have factored into the decision.)  We have been married for 11 years, with three beautiful children that bless our life with joy and chaos everyday. We have lived in South Utica, and more recently New Hartford. So it’s no surprise that we want the best for our community.


All of this has brought me to my current job title, Oneida County Legislator for District 15. I'm proud to be endorsed by the Oneida County Democratic Committee, with representatives from both Utica and New Hartford. 

How it started-How it's going!

As a college student getting a bachelors in journalism I never thought political office would be in my future, but I think I’ve come to focus on local government issues because of my professional background in news. Everyone is busy with their jobs, and the constant noise of social media is loud, my goal is always to tune into what really matters. To be the voice of young families in New Hartford and Utica is my goal. It is a perspective that I feel is very much needed in the county legislature. During the pandemic I’ve realized the importance of our Oneida County government on our health and well-being in ways I could never have imagined. 

I am filled with hope that brighter days are ahead for Oneida County. A place where every single vote matters and where glass ceilings are shattered by determined leaders, looking to move our community forward! 

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